Solitarot is a solitaire-esque game played with a standard deck of Tarot cards. It is similar to Aces Up, but utilizes five piles instead of four. I learned the game tonight upon the arrival of my tarot deck, and played for a while. It's good fun.

How to play

Lay down five cards on the table, face-up. If two or more cards are of the same suit, discard the highest card until only one card of the suit remains. For example; if there is a seven of swords and a two of swords, discard the seven of sword. When there are no more pairs, lay down another five cards on top of the ones already placed, face-up. If there are gaps/missing cards, place the new cards where the old ones would have gone.

Repeat the process of culling pairs with the five cards you just laid down. If you cull a card, repeat the process with the card that was below it. You can shuffle subsets of cards as they are ordered into empty slots, just like regular solitaire.

Continue to discard cards and lay down new cards until there are no more cards in the deck. When you get to your last flop, you will only lay down three cards.  Count the remaining face-up cards on the table. You "win" if there are only five cards remaining, and "lose" if there are greater than five cards.

The Major Arcana are considered a suit, and they are culled in the same way as the other suits; the higher-numbered card is discarded.


This game is good fun, and I find it more fun than traditional solitaire because it still requires strategy but there are less piles and only one discard, instead of stacking on aces. This is the first of many games to be noded; tarot decks were originally playing cards, and I plan on learning a bunch of tarot card games. I much prefer dice cleromancy, so I don't reckon I'll be using this deck for its "expected" purpose as a form of divination.