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The Best of The Week

John C. Reilly was mostly known as the guy who played alongside Will Ferrell in various masterpieces like Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. A strong side-kick and straight man, he was pretty instrumental in being a foil to his various chararcters and giving them depth.

Someone decided to give him the headline in a film, and the result is legend.

This is the kind of film where at the beginning you see what is clearly backstage at a huge, huge concert - and an old, Johnny Cash style man standing facing a concrete wall, with his hand against it, almost praying. "He's going on in two minutes!" "Hold on, son, he has to go through his entire life story in his head first."

You know full well this is going to be a send-up and affectionate parody of every "behind the music" movie that documents the rise/fall/rise of some kind of musical icon.

Reilly plays "Dewey Cox", a young man from Alabama who as a boy wanted nothing but to play on his farm with his…

I need a notebook in my brain,
Recording thoughts without strain.

All abstract thoughts as clear as day
Recorded in my notebook brain.

No need for words, nor style, nor rhyme,
A simple thought, all that’s required.

A lazy artist thought this way,
And filled that notebook in a day.

Flash Fiction Festival

Magnesium chalk held above a tepid puddle of water. A vintage periscoping camera bulb. The second-story inebriants at Mardi Gras. That perfectly ripe avocado.

Can you time the perfect scene whilst your scene is timed?

Saddle the horse that best catches your fancy,…

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