The day I joined Everything2. I learned about this yesterday while reading an old article defending Wikipedian inclusionism. When I first looked at it, I thought this site is about anything, where you can write like anything, that it is an anarchy. But after reading more today, like the rules, it turns out it is not. There are of course rules, all communities have rules. Wait, this is a daylog, I should be writing what I did, saw, experienced, et cetera today.

So yeah, I woke up, ate breakfast, which for this day is pandesal, brushed my teeth, bathed... That's my daily routine. Now the unique ones. I was supposed to be practicing zumba with my classmates, which will be a performance task in my PE in the last week of September. But today is the schedule for my checkup with my doctor for my allergic rhinitis, so I have to be absent. Not a big deal, because we weren't supposed to practice today because our teacher prohibits practices outside school. Why they want to break the rules, well the choreographers are committed. They even wanted the practice to have a record of attendance and additional points for PE for those who attended, which I opposed in the group chat because the secrecy will be broken, it is unfair to those "following the rules", and is suicide (our PE teacher is very strict). They withdrew it thankfully and made it really voluntary (another reason why it is not a big deal).

Enough about those classmates. Now about the traveling. My doctor is in Muntinlupa and I'm in Cavite, so it is a bit long trip. The only thing new I saw was the bridge in the intersection near The District Imus, which is for those going from and to Molino. So we don't have to wait below. The traffic starts to worsen at the intersection near SM Molino. It is always "trapik" there. A lot of people go to the mall. After like 15 minutes, we got past the intersection. Then the rain started. It was very strong, almost zero visibility. It's okay; the parking has cover. Let's skip to Alabang.

Now we're at Festival Mall. We went first at the clinic. It took time, like an hour before I got to the doctor. First at the pediatrician, to check my cough. I had a cough with phlegm for 3 days. The pedia seems to be in a hurry, and gave me a prescription. It's just Solmux, a carbocistene drug. Now to the ENT for the allergy. It's the second checkup to the ENT. The Fluticasol intranasal spray improved my allergic rhinitis. The ENT told me to continue the application, and suggested to spray one each nostril at day and the same at night (before was two sprays each nostril at night only).

After that we ate in a Mongolian restaurant, bought some dog food for Panda and Vans, walked around, ate again in a cafe, and went home. Now I'm here at my house, writing in my laptop my first daylog here.