Today I met a singing stone

It sang a single faint continuous note

I thought I could hear it as I passed alongside it

It was part of someone's front wall

I know you won't believe this but it's all true

I bent my head down closer to make sure I hadn't imagined it

I didn't hear anything for a little while until hey- there it is!

One single note

And a buzzing over my skull

A passing man saw me listening

'The stone's singing' I explained

'O, right?'

He seemed to understand

The singing grew louder as I leaned closer and fainter as I moved away

I don't know how to explain it

It could be creating some acoustic effect or it could be the home of a demon or a fairy

or it could be that there are stones that sing

The sound was inaudible six inches either side of the source

You had to be standing on a certain spot precisely

You probably think I'm mad

But all of this truly happened