stellar wind

We'll never find you, not with our minds gone like this, not in this darkness. It feels as though I've chased you through dimensions now, across the universe. I wish I could say that I feel I am closer but no matter how far we make it you slip further away. This galaxy swirls madly around us and every time I reach for your hand it disappears, the ghostly whisps of almost sucking the air out of my lungs.

Still, there is nothing else to hollow me out this way and I would hate to feel so much again. We take what is left of you and keep walking through the stellar shrapnel of all our firsts, through the winds and debris, carving out our trail of blood and love and silence. You left us both long ago, crawled so deep inside we will never get you out. I will always wish you were here, devouring the stars with your ravenous eyes, spilling your light across the earth.

I wake up, again, and we are still alone. This strange ghost of you stares vacantly straight through the hole in my chest.

I wish you were here.