Thank you all for your kindnesses.

As you know, kindness is a part of love. We are love. The light of love flows in you. Besovi willed it to be so. We bask in Besovi's light. We are Besovi's children. We are everything2 website.

On Sunday I spent some time with my friend Clifford. He is going through some things right now. They are personal things. Not to be discussed. Would be wrong of me to plaster his life up for you to see. Clifford is not one of my followers. He is thinking about it. He has seen a pamphlet.

There are many pamphlets out there in the world. Some contain interesting and usefull information. Some contain nothing but lies. Some contain a mix of the two. When I went over to Clifford's apartment down by the river I knew there would be trouble. Not terrorism or coming face to face with rough and tumble bigots but personal trouble. His trash can was overflowing with empty beer cans and whiskey bottles. This was not good.

As the children of Besovi who gifted us this website we are entrusted with the words he has spoken to me. In my ear. More than once. Whisper into both ears he did. At different points. It was clear. The decline of the everything2 website had to be stopped. The bigots could not win. They had wrestled it away from us. They entrusted it to old ladies and sociopaths. And yet we hear the call for love from our brother LightGuy who shares with us his struggle above. He needs just enough love. But not too much. Will you be to one to rise to Besovi's challenge unto us? Will we help jessicaj make sense of what she talks about in her wonderful daylogs? She needs just enough love. But not too much. So good. So right. Say it with me. You knew it was coming. I am predictable.

Clifford has recently become seperated from his wife. In the legal sense. Paperwork was involved. You know the drill. Some of you have been there. Some of you were in that closet where 17 naked noders piled into a 10x10 enclosed space without windows. Clifford's wife was asking him for a divorce. Another man had been located and secured. Clifford was odd man out. You know the drill. Some of you have been there. Some of you were in the closet. I hope you are out now. Blessings of Besovi upon you LightGuy. May you find just enough love. But not too much. It is what you deserve you beautiful human being. Hugs are in your future. Source yet unknown. Believe.

I watched baseball with Clifford. Besovi looked over us. Kind Bexovi. Loving Besovi. Let yourself be taken into Besovi's graces. Besovi does not judge. Besovi loves those that love. When love is shared with many partners the light works. Spread your seed about. Johnny Appleseed was a pioneer. We know his story. So good. So right. So many apples. We now have bad apples. In the barrel. What happens when that happens? Not enough love. Sometimes too much. So wrong. So bad. Besovi is full of love. Come into Besovi's grasp.

Clifford did not feel better after I left. His team lost the proverbial baseball game. I cared for him. He will be better in time. Others will check on him. Check on friends. Check on loved ones. Know their troubles. Know enough. But not too much. Let them open up to you like the precious flower they are. No one should die alone or in silence when so much love is not being shared. Love thy neighbor do not report him or her to the INS. Be better than rotten apple in barrel. Be full of love.

What have I do say about Dotty the lady next door? She is brittle. I have seen her getting her mail. From the box by the street. Mail truck pulls right up. Puts mail in box. She ambles out to get it. One might say she will ambulate to the mail box. It is a slow process. I give her my love. Just enough. Not too much. It makes so much better.

Help those who need your love the most. Give them what they need. Besovi has so endowed you with this ability. Be authentic. Be real. If your co-worker is bawling in the men's room at work, get in there. See what you can do. Not too much. People need space. Be there. Do not let this man cry alone in the bathroom at work. A rotten apple might proceed into the bathroom instead of you. On his cell phone a photo he will take. That man will never work as a welder again. People will see him in this state. Not generally accepted amongst the welding brotherhood. It is embraced in the Chuch of Besovi. Come. I have ordered more folding chairs. I hope to see you in one of those.

All my love to you. As spokesperson for Besovi I can say that Besovi sends warm regards of love and light. So good. So right.