Thank you, Mr. Pickle for that review of the details of this show. Your report was concise and contained information that was relevant to the modern reader. You have also saved me the trouble of explaining these details.

What I would like to share with you is what everyone is thinking when they hear about or see a clip of this show:

Why would anyone put this crap on television?

Now I am open minded and full of love. This is true. Besovi guaranteed that when made me a prophet of Besovi's Word. This being said I stand by the emotive nature of how obvious question is stated.

In the 1970s there was some seriously weird shit going on with television programming. It was all completely idiotic. Ridiculous people with special abilities thrown into stupid situations every week. There may have been worse programs. None of them got a second season. This show ran for three. It involved a man and a monkey driving a truck together and treating women like sex objects. Which was the point of all 1970s television. Treating women as sex objects and people of color as punchlines to jokes. It was awful People lived through that. Their minds still ain't right. Maybe you are one of them. Do you have violent impulses? Do you treat women as sex objects? Do you like jokes where the punchline contains a racially insensitive word? Then you would have loved television in the 1970s.

This show came at the tail end of this. Everything shinier and more bizarre fashions were worn as television went into the 1980s. Even explosions were clean. You could blow up car to wash street in the 1980s. In the 1970s things more grubby. Things like Kojak were on.Tough cops got justice throwing people through walls. Got better at covering their tracks in the 1980s. In 1990s everyone shrugged on television. And then everyone starts feeling bad about behavior they showed in 1970s and 1980s on television. All lead characters became drunks. Very convoluted and upsetting backstories. This is way of television. Know it. Understand it. Rise above it.

B.J. and the Bear was a bridge. Between 70s and 80s. Dirty became clean as it progressed. Soon half-naked women drove trucks. Ratings were sought. "Tits and ass" is legacy of the 1970s. Know it. Understand it. Rise above it. You must not wiggle your ass for cash. Do it for love. Someone will want to see. Someone worth caring about. Or spread it around. If it is just enough. But not too much. It is the way of Besovi. B.J. and his ladies did not know Besovi. They knew trucks. They knew schemes. Did they know love? Monkey love. It is okay to love monkey. Please no sex involved. Dead wrong. Not way of Besovi. Care for monkey. Do not violate. Helpless but also powerful. Stronger than human. You rape - you die. End of story with monkey.

If you want to watch this show it is hard to find streaming. You don't want to look for it that hard. You are able to purchase it in stores on online. Money is best spent on other things. Helping poor is one example. Do not buy this series and own. Give money to a homeless man. B.J. need love when show was on the air but not on the air any longer. What you see on DVD is just an image. Like a ghost. Spend money on other pursuits. Let this show remain where it belongs. In the 1970s.