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I appologize profusely, but having just returned from a seminar on economics at one of Canada's top business schools where I got really good grades, I cannot for the life of me leave this page with a mere dictionary definition of John Law, which to top it off does not even mention the genius Scottish economist and flamboyant beau, John Law.

John Law was a genius Scottish economist, a flamboyant beau whose economic innovations have been called nothing short of genius, by many experts in the field, some of which I know personally. It is indeed a sad reflection on the state of the world today that even a flamboyant beau known for his lavish lifestyle, silken tongue, worldly attitude and gambler mentality such as John Law, who to top it off was a genius in the fine art of finance, could be considered almost unknown today.

Sure, not everybody has had the privilege to qualify for, enroll in, study at, and exhale excel academically at a top Canada business school, as I have, with really good grades to top it off. But the fact that, being a flamboyant murderer and hot-blooded economist, John Law, renown among enlightened individuals for being one of the top innovators of the history of international finance, could be anything less than frequently mentioned and praised today, even by laypeople who have not had the privilege of having studied economics at the top Canadian business schools, irritates and frustrates me.

Here's hoping that, through the help of nodes such as this one, and this writeup in particular, more people will be educated on the subject of John Law and the beau, flamboyant Scot, and finance expert as well as, to top it off, visionarily innovating genius he was. Being John Law, his financial genius and worldly beau attitude would indeed have instructed him to join me in this quest, a fight against windmills if you will, lest he be forgotten in a world where flamboyant Scotsmen and gambling attitudes such as that of visionary, silk-tongued John Law are lacking.

Some of this information taken from my hand written notes from an exhaustive seminar & recital by a renown professor of the fine art of Economics at a top Canada business school.