I was walking around the neighbourhood with the pram, doing the whole.. The Walking Dad routine, trying to get Smooshface (whom, from now on, I will refer to as L) to sleep. There was a woman sitting on her front steps, having a cigarette. She could've been 30 or 50, it's hard to tell with heavy smokers, but she looked pretty energetic and upbeat. Her two kids (or grand kids?) were playing on the steps with her.

*clink clank*

I look just in time to see something blue bouncing down the stairs.

"Great job, that one went further than Toby's, you win"

She turned to me and yelled out "Bring ya little one over 'ere, I'll teach 'er how to spit lighters!"

Uhh, haha, thanks, she's still a bit young for that I say, as I watch Toby pick up the lighter, walk up the steps, stick it in his mouth and spit it back down the stairs.

When my wife first went down here, she described our neighbours as "friendly bogans", quite fitting I thought.

Stasik needs sleep