Your dad stole the stars of the universe and put them in your eyes.


Your father stole the future of my country. Your family stole $5 billion to $10 billion from the national treasury. You buried my country in debt, and we have to pay for your sins until 2025. Now you're back in politics, first as a governor of Ilocos Norte. Now you're a senator. Do you have any conscience left on you? How come you have the guts not to apologize for what your family did? The guts to cry "free speech"? Fascists like you and your father don't deserve "free speech". You abolished the right to free speech since 1972, and we only got it back in 1986. Remember Archimedes Trajano? The one who questioned your qualifications for the chair of Kabataang Barangay? You, or your parents ordered your own bodyguards to torture and kill Trajano. As of writing, Trajano's family still doesn't have the justice they deserve.

Now you want to take back Malacanang with your brother. In your dreams. Some ignorant people may forget your crimes against the Filipinos, but the victims of your father's dictatorship will never forget. We, the progressive youth, will never forget. You may have taken over Facebook with your trolls, but you will never revise history.

Never again to martial law!

As of publishing, today is the 47th anniversary of Marcos' martial law.

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