I'm guessing now someone will do a It's hard to go back to reality after 10 hours of noding node now :)

I'm hoping some people will be able to empathise with me here, so I don't feel liken a total weirdo freak.

When I go on long coding sessions (more than 10 hours), and I'm all pumped up on caffeine, it's hard to let go once you stop. You've been in some kind of trance all day (or night), and you decide to go for a walk.

You walk out of the building, and the sun hits you. It really hits you. In the small space of time since you last saw it, it seems to have got more powerful just at the very second you walk outside. It never looked like that out of the window...

If you have a conversation with someone, they start looking at you (unless they're a fellow coder) in bemusement as you stop halfway through sentences for a rethink, suddenly think of something new and carry on as if nothing has happened. They look at the crazy, wild man look in your eyes and conclude that you have severe mental problems, instead of realising that you're just wired and are having problems getting your brain to spin down after using it non-stop for longer than they usually sleep.

It has to be one of the weirdest feelings I've ever experienced...
yes you're a freak :).

I have a similar issue. I am not able to code other than in 8+ hr. sessions because my brain starts up slowly. But then it is hard to stop and I get kind of irritated of other people's behaviour because to me it looks like 'buggy' C code - takes up time and does nothing right or useful :).

Sometimes then I look at people and find their behaviour funny and so predictable. I know what they'll say next and it becomes boring like a song you hear ten times everyday on all radiostations. And I think they act 80% automatically like they have programmed routines:

case alex_is_in_good_mood: say( something_cool )
etc. etc.

Especially my parents who seem to only express their feelings through comments on my 'unhealthy' lifestyle, my hair, and so. I know they love me but they show it in such a terrible way.


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