Discordian: One who worships Discord (aka Eris). Or maybe not. It really depends on the Discordian. Their holy(?) book is the Principia Discordia. They are referred to in The Illuminatus! Trilogy.

A member of a particular Satanic world-wide secret society that reaches into the highest echelons of world governments, and is bent on world domination.

Known to worship the Evil goddess Eris who is known as Discord to the Romans.

Robert Anton Wilson reveals all their secrets in The Illuminatus! Trilogy.

Their sacred text is a book called Principia Discordia which is written in code to convince people that it's just a joke.

Fundamentally, "Discordianism" is a tedious, moronic joke that's been repeated so often it makes Douglas Adams seem fresh in comparison. It's hard to imagine anybody dumb enough still to be amused by it, but some are. Imagine the most oppressively boring in-joke in history being shouted repeatedly into a human ear, forever. That's "Discordianism".

rusnovn says that Discordianism "is a tedious, moronic joke that's been repeated so often it makes Douglas Adams seem fresh in comparison."

Discordianism isn't anything bar whatever people decide to make of the damn thing, which is part of what makes it so amusing. It's an excuse for insanity (not that we need an excuse), but more than that it's just the framework of a joke.

Discordianism is, indeed, a joke, and utterly pointless... but don't knock it. The whole point of it is FUN. It preaches non-conformity, and then everyone who's actually in on it is really conforming to some silly standard - I've heard that too.

The simple answer is... who cares? Again, it's about FUN. So our 'religion' contradicts itself in a myriad of ways - all the more headaches to people who want to try thinking it through. It's not MEANT to be thought through. So it's an old and stale joke to you. That's fine... but We Find It Funny. People have different senses of humour. If you don't get it, we can't explain it.

Besides... can we not laugh at a joke, old and stale as you may consider it? I thought the Principia Discordia was a fun read.

I'm sure that most every other Discordian around has some other viewpoint, too. Not that anyone cares, least of all me, but I don't mind hearing them at all... It's something to do.

In any event, a Discordian is anyone who wants to call themselves Discordian. Well, and quite a few other people besides, but we won't go there...

Hail Eris, Hail Bob, Hail Me, Hail You, Hail Why, Hail Because, All Hail Corn Flakes. Huuuungry...


Not wishing to exclude anyone from
the Discordian movement for such a technicality
as not being a Discordian, it is hereby
declared that all who read this are
officially inducted into the Discordian movement
- and the cabal of your own choosing -
as one of the apostles of Eris with all rights whatsoever.

If, by some strange brain malfunction,
you should decide that this is not what you wish,
then simply ignore this notice as you would
all other possibly life-changing notices.
Do note that you will still be considered
a Discordian, regardless of what you think,
or if, in fact, you think at all.

From this moment forward
you will be treated as a member of
The Discordian Society by other members.
Don't worry.
We know our own.
Only a cabbage disguised as a human being
would not understand.

Hail Eris. So be it. All Hail Discordia!

Transfnordian House Of Erisian Apostles
a most radical occult-and-such branch of the
Purple Monkey Mafia/Cabal
as printed in A Pocket Full of Chaos
brought to you by
Jonesboro’s House of Eris’ Science and Fnord Committee

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