In short, we want your writeups, 300 words or fewer.

"February is the shortest month."
T. S. Eliot, probably

It's the shortest month of the year! Time for the wee madness that is Brevity Quest. The rules are pretty standard, write something good in 300 words or less.

  • The quest starts on Wednesday, 1st February at 00:00:00 and ends on Tuesday the 28th February at 23:59:99 (E2 server time).
  • We're looking for well-crafted fact, fiction, poetry and prose, the usual suspects. New writeups only, no daylogs.
  • Post as many submissions as you wish. It is okay to post hidden writeups if you prefer.
  • Quest entries should be labeled as such, and please include your wordcount. A /msg to inform me is recommended.
  • Bounty will be awarded at 10GP per writeup.
  • It's my birthday month, so like Bilbo Baggins I will give out real physical gifts. The least of them will be a postcard from me. The greatest? Not decided yet. (This means of course that you have to entrust me with a real postal address.)

Check out the BQ submissions from previous Quests, for example 2020, 2021 and 2022.

I am currently the sole judge. If you'd like to help out, please let me know.

Don't rely solely on the word count in the draft/writeup header (as it counts HTML and pipelinked text too). We do have the E2 Word Counter, but please also note the Brevity Quest Word Count Guidelines.

xclip -o | wc -w

Shortlist of Entrants

  1. cliff fishing by npecom
  2. ice fishing by wertperch
  3. Round Stic by nicolasstag
  4. length by fliphone
  5. unholy matrimony by svntax
  6. spirit recognizing fate by etouffee
  7. Sound Typist by nicolasstag
  8. Voice Attack by nicolasstag
  9. Old poems I found on my computer by nicolasstag
  10. Deepdwn by nicolasstag
  11. through the water and the waves by Maevwyn
  12. ZTF J1406+1222 by nicolasstag
  13. frap by Tem42
  14. Ants Corrupt Elephant by svntax
  15. The Zettlekasten Method by nicolasstag
  16. Zabriskie Point by JD
  17. Share Some Soul by e2reneta
  18. The Earth Shuddered by losthuskie
  19. starry, dirty, dead by nicolasstag
  20. Wonderwall by JD
  21. every day she stands there, waiting. every day, she's gone when i get there. by etouffee
  22. Cindy and Donna by JD
  23. Star Wars Kid: The Rise of the Digital Shadows by JD
  24. The Devil's Trill by Clockmaker
  25. Sewerslvt by nicolasstag
  26. PSR B1257+12 by nicolasstag
  27. Deguello by vongrim
  28. Buying cigarettes one at a time by vongrim
  29. The Eyes of Tammy Faye by JD
  30. Bodies Bodies Bodies by JD
  31. Ankh-Morpork by Clockmaker
  32. ne by Tem42
  33. Linda's Film on Menstruation by JD
  34. The Leads by Clockmaker
  35. Honey Bee by JD
  36. I dreamt of the eternal waiting room between. by bartholomeu
  37. Free Live Free by Clockmaker
  38. Bridge of Sighs by Clockmaker
  39. Cabiria by Clockmaker
  40. The Tavern Knight by Clockmaker
  41. Marcus Porcius Cato, Episode III by Clockmaker
  42. Scarlet Street by JD
  43. This is why I wear my shawl low over my eyes by Chord

My favourites are now posted at October 9, 2023 for all to see. This was harder than I thought it would be.

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