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Cream of the Cool

In Aranjuez With My Love

Aranjuez, a place of dreams and love
where the sound of crystal
fountains in the garden
seems to whisper beneath the roses

Written by: Alfredo García Segura / Joaquin Rodrigo Vidre
Translator unknown

Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo

The god Apollo, in the mists of time, slew the great serpent Python, gaining thereby an oracle and an association with valor and victory; this latter circumstance made the ancient Greeks give thanks to him for their own victories. The pæan originated as a hymn or chant used for this purpose — for example, when, in the Iliad, Achilles returns to the Achæan camp after slaying Hector, he commands his Myrmidons to sing the pæan.

Subsequently, the use…

The Secret of Roan Inish is a 1994 Irish/American indie film directed by John Sayles about a little girl trying to get her brother back from seals. It is apparently based on the novel Secret of the Ron Mor Skerry by Rosalie K. Fry.

Fiona is a girl sent to live with her grandparents on the Irish coast due to her mother's death and her own health issues. While there, she's told the story of her little brother, Jamie, who was taken by the sea in infancy. Their family had lived on the…

What happens when reality becomes fiction? (Or was it the other way around?)


Adolfo Bioy Casares and Borges discuss their next book. Bioy quotes a heresiarch from Uqbar («los espejos y la cópula son abominables porque multiplican el número de los hombres»1) and Borges asks for the source. Despite having access to The Anglo-American Cyclopaedia, they are unable to find the article of said country2.…