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Cream of the Cool

The Merry Wives of Windsor is one of William Shakespeare's plays, first published in 1602, and believed to have been written some time before that. It is a comedy about Sir John Falstaff, a character first introduced in the historical plays Henry IV Part 1 and Part 2.

In a tangent of the plots of the historical plays, Sir John Falstaff, the self-important and gluttonous character from those plays, visits the country town of…

A phonetic spelling of Australia as pronounced in a broad Australian accent. The word Straya is pronounced something like "stray-yah".

Depending on the context, the word might imply an affection for something seen as peculiarly Australian in nature; or contempt for something seen as peculiarly Australian in nature. It often serves as shorthand for the phrase "only in Australia". According to the rules of Australian language and culture, you can distinguish as follows:

I live in Chile, which is often considered to be the world's most seismically active country. Not that there is a single criterion for such things: Japan and Indonesia also have strong cases for being the most seismically active countries, but Chile certainly has a strong case---including being the site of the world's strongest earthquake, the 1960 Valdivia Earthquake. In any case, Chile is an obviously seismically and volcanically active country.

Before I came to Chile, I had felt…

"Would you throw a parade for drug addicts?"

A pair of teenage girls meet in Bible Study and bond. At their school's Homecoming dance, they sneak off and do what they've been doing for awhile, when they're not studying the Good Book or engaging in other wholesome teen activities: they make out.

One of their dates finds them.

It's 1993 in small town Montana. Cameron gets sent to God's Promise, a gay conversion school run by an evangelical…