A classic pencil-and-paper game, the basis for the commercial game Battleship.

Also, a modern grid-logic puzzle based on the old game.

The usual rules for battleships are these:

  • In a 10x10 grid (occasionally another size), there are 10 ships hidden, as follows:
    • Four ships which each occupy a single space in the grid
    • Three two-unit-long ships
    • Two three-unit-long ships
    • One four-unit-long ship
  • In the grid, the one-unit ships are represented as circles, while the longer ones are represented by U-shapes at each end, and squares for the middle pieces. (So you don't know whether a square is part of a ship running horizontally or vertically.)
  • The ships are all straight, each lying in a single row or column of the grid.
  • These ships are all arranged in the grid so that no two ships touch, not even diagonally.
  • For each row and each column, you are told how many units of ship pieces lie in it.
  • Usually you are initially provided with the contents of a few squares -- just enough to make the solution unique.

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