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Cream of the Cool

So here I am again to update on life, the universe and everything.

Life has been good once again, and intense. I haven't written anything besides my personal journal but this time is only because I have a lot on my plate right now, including many good news that I prefer to share privately.

Also, today is the last day of Wikimania 2022, an event deeply embedded in my soul. In 2020, Wikimania was canceled entirely because no one foresaw a…

An extreme intolerance to certain sounds

"It was good to discover than I wasn't just being an asshole"
— comment on /r/misophonia

"Misophonia is a neurobehavioral syndrome phenotypically characterized by heightened autonomic nervous system arousal and negative emotional reactivity "
— Frontiers in Neuroscience

It's really difficult to be a casual fan of Jazz. It's such a complex world, such a long deep and endearing history, that for those who don't play the music or who don't listen to it exclusively it's easy to feel uneducated and intimidated by the neverending wellspring of it. It's a daunting task to go about discovering the music and how it might fit into your personal taste and listening habits. Most don't even try. But believe me, it's well worth incorporating jazz into your musical…

On Saturday, 16 July 2022, I attempted a half marathon. And it fucking sucked.

From January to beginning of April this year, I ran 4 - 5 times weekly, covering 8 to 10 kilometers per run. However, in April, I stopped because of Ramadan. I have not redisciplined my self to restart. This discipline bit is important because even when I ran regularly, I did it rather reluctantly. Every day, I would have to start psyching myself from like 6pm, so that by 9pm, I am ready to run. And if for any…