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The Best of The Week

NB: This article is not meant as a guide to using a cane. If you are sighted, using a cane in public is probably a bit illegal. If you have a vision impairment, see an O&M instructor.

There are two main types of white cane, used for different purposes. There is some variation in both and they can either be straight or collapsible. The first is the ID cane, a rod made of lightweight and durable material about the diameter of an index finger, about one meter in length and usually with a few inches of red at one end. Using the ID cane is simple - hold the cane in one hand at the middle diagonally across your body so that it can be seen from in front, at the side and behind. The cane is not meant to touch the ground, rather, it sends a signal to others that the user has low vision. It may also help to avoid large obstacles, such as poles, cars, people etc. It might signal to buses to stop even without signal, for drivers to take extra caution and for pedestrians to take initiative in…

On signs of loss

This seems the best moment for (yet another) new beginning.

  • I just lost two and a half years of my blog. I won't go into technical details, but my latest available backup is when I moved from Blogger/Blogspot into a self-hosted Wordpress blog at That was in mid 2014. I can recover some posts via mirrors (mostly Medium, a few submissions to other