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In Nigerian English, toasting is when a guy is wooing a girl. This is done by talking to the girl and getting her to talk with you, hang out with you, and generally agreeing to be your girlfriend.

Girls also sometimes toast boys, although they are not as forward. Normally, she just lets you know she likes you and you are supposed to take it from there.

for time is the longest distance between places

It's been twenty years but I still think of you from time to time. The last time we spoke was Friday or Saturday. You asked me for a copy of Wasteland. I didn't get the news until Tuesday. Afterwards I went for a run so I could cry where my parents wouldn't see.

A few other friends have joined you in death. It doesn't get easier. The world is poorer having lost each of them. I am richer having…

"Ma chérie -- "

"Yes dear?"

"What is this...'Hunky-Dory'? What does it mean?"

"Oh, well. It means, you know, peachy keen."

"Peachy what?"

"Or, you know, fine and dandy."

"Fine and...what is a 'dandy'?"

"Ah, well, you see, a dandy is a fellow who dresses real nice."

"Should men not dress nice?"

"Well, I mean maybe, but you know what I mean, right?"

"I think we have established, …

News for Noders

September 7: С днём рождения, Stasik!

September 16: Feliz cumpleaños Ancientsnow!

September 18: Happy birthday Stuart!

September 25: Happy birthday Templeton!

September 26: Stanislav Petrov Day.

September 27: Happy birthday Uberbanana!

Get ready for The 2021 Halloween Horrorquest, starting in October!

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August 4: Happy birthday avalyn!

August 6: 広島

August 9: 長崎

August 27: Happy birthday Bitriot!

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July 1: Brevity Quest 2021 begins!

July 1: Canada Day.

July 4: America Day.

July 26: Happy birthday teleny!

July 31: Brevity Quest 2021 ends.

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June 1: SciFiQuest 3021: The Quest From the Black Lagoon ends. Rewards will be announced shortly.

June 4: Aesop's Birthday.

June 11: TerribleAspect's birthday!

June 13: Serjeant's Muse's birthday!

June 16: Bloomsday.

June 19: Juneteenth.

June 20: Summer solstice (northern hemisphere) and winter solstice (southern hemisphere).

June 23: AdamTheDewott's birthday!

June 28: Tau Day.

June 30: Get ready for Brevity Quest 2021!

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SciFiQuest 3021 is ongoing.

May 1: May day.

May 4: May the Fourth be with you!

May 8: Happy birthday E2D2!

May 9: Mother's day in the USA.

May 10: Happy birthday BIII!

May 31: Memorial Day in the USA.

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