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The Best of The Week

Your friend Behr has had a very busy year, but not so busy as to fail to remark upon the return of greatness to America via the first free elections held in this fine country since 2004. And now after suffering under eight years of the tyranny and soul destroying reign of Kenyan strongman Obama, we now have a real American hero at the helm who will make America great again.

So, for those of you who are too young to remember the days of freedom, peace, and profits hang on! You probably want to know what to expect and yes change can be scary (although not as scary as when you are home alone and naked and you hear a noise in the hallway but your pants are in the other room). Do not be afraid! Greatness is returning but what to expect was the question I asked before becoming sidetracked by normal pantlessness.

Your friend Behr will group the forthcoming knowledge into sections for greater readability for those who are easily overwhelmed.

Section One: Immediate Impact

I am
You would not
have me otherwise.

Darth Vader is a 25-issue Star Wars comic series from Marvel, written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Salvador Larroca. This graphic novel incorporates issues one through six. The critically popular series is mostly standalone, although it does use elements from Marvel's main Star…

In the past 48 hours three people have asked me to redo their referral for a colonoscopy. They are changing to local because they can't get the scheduler at the Sacred Big City, in this instance Seattle, to call them back.

My receptionist sets up another veteran's choice patient to see me, in January. She says we are seeing doctor flight in all specialties on the Olympic Peninsula.

"Oh, no," says the triwest employee. "It's…