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The Best of The Week

An idiomatic expression in American English for something which is not only a very bad idea, but quite obviously a very bad idea. 

To those not blessed enough to be living in the United States - the gas station used to be a place where a friendly porter dressed like a bellhop would saunter over, and use expressions like "Golly gee willickers, Mister Wilson" while filling your car, checking your tires, oil, and windshield washer fluid levels and washing your windows.

Then customer service was deemed too expensive to continue with except in Oregon and New Jersey (where it is illegal to pump your own gas) and now people are required to pump their own gas. After gas started to get so expensive that people decided it was just better off financially to drive away with $100 in gas rather than pay for it, gas stations insisted on pre-payment.

Unless you're in truly backwoods America, the gas station interior will be a full-on convenience store. In larger ones such as…

At my age, I've been to my fair share of funerals, memorials, or celebrations of life. Let me tell you, nothing short of losing a child or twin, prepares you for the death of a husband who was in a sub acute rehab facility FOR A FRACTURED HIP.

Yes, he had Alzheimer's, but he eventually went through all of the stages during a 31 day period...and that's not a normal Alzheimer's death. Because there was no autopsy, no lawyer will assist me in proving wrongful death or negligence. I have one…




One month in, with little change

the patient's family came daily,  his friends



They talked to other families in the waiting area

comparing notes, sharing hugs 


"Why is time so different in here?"  one asked

"as if we are in outer space, or underground" 

No one had an answer,  but they all nodded their heads 


Most nights,…