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The Best of The Week

Zootopia is a 3D animated film by Walt Disney Pictures, released in 2016. It is not particularly noteworthy other than that, in the realm of animated family movies, it is better than average.

Judy Hopps, a rabbit, has an unusual dream; she wants to be a cop. While theoretically any animal in the country of Zootopia is as good as any other, cops have traditionally been large animals or predators, and definitely not bunnies. After a stereotypical scene-from-childhood intro and a grueling police academy montage, she makes it, and is assigned to capital city.

The big animals look down on her, she is assigned as a parking enforcement officer, she insists on a real case, and by dint of moxie and luck gets it... with the condition that if she does not solve it in 48 hours, she will voluntarily resign. There are chase scenes, absolutely massive plagiarism from The Godfather, the criminal with the heart of gold, and all the other…

I asked an older patient recently, "What is a bruise?"

She thought about it and said, "I don't know."

A bruise is blood, bleeding. Old blood changes color and is reabsorbed by the body as it heals. But where does that blood come from?

Any tissue in the body can bleed. Even a tooth, if broken into the center.

So what is bleeding for MOST bruises?

Muscle. Muscle, muscle, muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia, occasionally bone if broken and…

'Work out' is a common English idiom and phrasal verb with diverse and unpredictable meanings.

1. On its own, 'work out' most often refers to exercise, particularly exercise that is done primarily for reasons of health or fitness rather than directly for pleasure. This meaning also has a noun form, workout.

2. It is common to use 'work out' to refer to solving a problem, either a technical problem (e.g., a math problem) or a social…