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"As detailed here, AllMusic is no longer displaying info about Bryan Adams or his earlier band, Sweeney Todd, per the artist’s request."

- AMG's representatives in 2013, asked about missing content on their website

What Happened?

In August, 2013, in a case unprecedented when it comes to a major recording artist, Canadian singer/songwriter Bryan Adams made the popular music site,, remove all content related to Adams' work. This included biographical data, reviews, ratings, pictures and discography. Users of the site would soon notice that a search for Bryan Adams (or any of his recordings) on AllMusic would produce no results, except for some tribute and Karaoke albums.

I personally consider this, even if it sounds a tad hyperbolic, an assault on music journalism, as well as freedom of the press and…

My father
You are in heaven
And left me with your name.


The most important lesson my father taught me was that at each moment I should wonder, "Is this what I want to be doing?"

I mean literally - a lifetime is finite. You were born a clock. Fully wound. Fully charged.

At some point the spring goes slack. The battery goes dead. The gears come off their pinions. The transistors fail open. The…

These are some of the stories my grandmother, Margaret Donley, told me and her other grandchildren. Most of the stories are about her childhood in rural Texas -- mostly Montague County and Wellington -- before and during the Great Depression. Among the people she references often are her parents, her grandparents, and her siblings, Mary Jo, Muriel, Kathleen, Ben, and Snooks. These stories were collected by my mother prior to my grandmother's…